How I Endured a Rape: Essay






At one time in a human’s life, one can undergo a very traumatizing experience that can end up having an irreversible effect on the person. The traumatizing experience can be as result of the death of a very close friend or relative. Seeing a horrible accident scene, or surviving a ghastly accident but ending up losing a limb in the process. Many people undergo traumatizing experiences in their line of duty almost on a daily basis. Doctors at times watch some of their patients die right in front of them. Although these cases are traumatizing, they are used to them because they have been trained to handle such situations. As a young girl, I endured a rape ordeal that marked the turning point in my life. My painful experience and the appreciation that people have a lot going on in their lives inspired me to join and enjoy volunteering work.

In the early 1980s, a fierce famine was experienced in Ethiopia. Thousands of people were dying because of the lack of food. A journalist managed to take of a photo of a child being trailed by a vulture waiting for the child to drop dead so that it could feast on him. The photo motivated the whole world to give whatever they could to help the people in Ethiopia, Unfortunately, the journalist who took the photo later committed suicide owing to the psychological torment he endured in Africa. This is incident is a good illustration of my drive to volunteering work.

There is nothing more traumatizing for a woman or a little girl than being raped. Most women never recover from such an experience, but are haunted them for the rest of their lives. When I was 16 years old, I was raped! For a girl of that age, it had both emotional and physical effects. Instead of running to my parents, I chose to handle the experience alone. The reason why I did that was to beat the notion that whoever raped satisfied his ego by destroying my spirit. I was stronger than he thought! For four years, I kept the issue to myself and made a resolve to make the best of the situation, instead of feeling sorry for myself.

Men who rape women want the woman to feel inferior or awful. I decided not to stoop that low and made a resolution to become a much stronger, industrious and compassionate person. Instead of waiting to be helped I set out to help others who are in desperate need of rescue. The experience helped me realize that some people undergo much traumatizing situations than mine, but they still pick up the pieces and move on.

With each passing year, I become a stronger and better person. I realized that no matter how hard I cried, the situation would not change. I saw it fit not to let the experience drag me behind and that is when I chose to volunteer at a hospital to help others go through their experiences in the best way possible. I was able to focus on the goals that I had set in life and made a personal promise achieve them no matter what challenges may arise. Eventually, after four long years, I managed to tell people about my rape ordeal, not that I wanted people to feel sorry for me but to learn from my experience.


An experience can make a person either miserable or stronger; however, the most important thing is how one reacts to the situation or the experience. I chose not to let the experience of being raped hinder me from achieving the goals that I had set in life. I knew that if one resolves to make the best out of a situation, it can be done. On the contrary, people decide to feel miserable, the experiences will affect them for the rest of their lives.